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KENZA SERVICES one of the authoritatively perceived company in Qatar. Our organization utilizes experienced experts in marketing administrations. We offer this administration to organizations in various districts of UAE. We have worked with all administration offices and their record handling necessities.

Professional administrations have a number of jobs that support all organizations. Professionally specialized organizations provide benefits to their customers. For example, support an organization with validation instructions, bookkeeping, IT benefits, or administration advice. Our Document Process and Attestation Service is fast, reliable and trustworthy.

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Translation Services | Embassy Services | Visa Services Qatar

Avail the best translation services offered by Kenza Services Qatar. Any translation needs connected with your business are smartly catered by our translation experts. We have separate team of translation expert for personal needs and corporate necessities. We provide legal translation services connected with different business, attestation, documentation, reports, dead, agreements, legal drafting, filing mater preparation etc.

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Birth Certificate Attestation, Mofa & Embassy Attestation Qatar




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Birth certificates can be asked at the time of joining a workplace, apply for a competitive examination, apply for a family visa and apply for kid’s admission in schools. So it can simply see which type of significance a birth certificate carries with itself. If you haven’t attested your birth certificate, then it’s no late, do it now.

Birth certificate attestation is completely required procedure before one applies above for Qatar. Authentication of birth certificate signifies the genuine of the date of the birth. Kenza services avail you all inclusive attestation services for your birth certificate in India. Get your papers certified in the affordable prices.

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Important Certificate Attestation Requirements while Applying for Family Visa in Qatar

Visa Procedure in Qatar

If you are working in Qatar and want to bring your family to Qatar, you should undergo a long and tiring legal procedure that is set by the Qatar government. You will gain the eligibility to bring your family to live with you in Qatar if your monthly salary is over QR 10,000, thus making your spouse and/or children are eligible for family residence visas. You should submit a number of certificates that is attested for sure while applying for the visa permit. The certificates mentioned below are the ones to be submitted along with the application form:-

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Educational Certificates
  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passport Copies
  • Medical Certificate

Application For Family Residence Visa

It is mandatory that the person applying for the visa to have a Qatari ID. There are also some restrictions in issuing the residence permit for the children based on their age limit. Male children above the age of 25 are not eligible for a family residence visa. At the same time, this rule is not effective for female children as long as they are not married. The application form should be downloaded from the official website of the Qatari government and then submitted along with the necessary documents. The application form should consist of the Arabic version too.

Certificate Attestation And Translation Services in Qatar

Now you all can see that applying for a family visa is a tiring and time-consuming procedure which can eat up your entire day leaving you hardly any time for other chores. Therefore outsourcing this procedure to a well experienced and reliable service provider like Kenza Services in Qatar will help you to relax and find time for other important matters. All types of attestation services are provided by Kenza. We need to submit a number of certificates while applying and Kenza assists the process of certificate attestation in Qatar. They also provide translation services while submitting the Arabic version of the application form. They offer all necessary visa services required for an easy and quick family residence visa permit.

Reliable Translation Service from Kenza Services


We always face language as the main barrier when it comes to proceeding with legal activities in a foreign country. Especially in Gulf countries, Arabic being one of the most difficult languages in the world. The rapid economy growth in Qatar has increased the number of immigrants to the place. Their only trouble of language can be well solved by excellent translation services from Kenza. Kenza has an excellent team of translators that are experts in translating both legal and non-legal documents at the same time maintaining complete confidentiality. Perfect translations for Arabic is one of the main highlights of translation services provided by Kenza. Translation is a complicated process when it comes to legal documents. Those documents need to be handled with care and the translation should be accurate without any errors. The documents should be translated without any change in the meaning.

Translation Services in Qatar

Translation Services is very much necessary while dealing with legal formalities in Qatar. And the main Language issue rises with the complexity of Arabic language which is the national and common language in Qatar. Experts who can translate Arabic to any language and vice versa are employed by Kenza Services. Kenza also provides the most reliable customer service available at any time.



Quick and Reliable Service For Company Formation In Qatar


The Qatari government’s economic development strategy has proven to be very successful and has helped Qatar become the wealthiest country in the world. The country’s investment incentives, banking services, infrastructure, political and social stability all contribute to creating an excellent environment for business. Kenza services assist you through each and every step involved in the process of Company formation in Qatar and guarantee confidentiality during each step.


Procedure For Company Formation In Qatar

  • Step 01 | Name Search

Get a unique name for your new business. The name should not be already registered in Ministry of Business and Trade(MBT). Get the approval for your company trade name within one day.

  • Step 02 | Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)

Bank account opening with a letter from Ministry of Business to the bank in Qatar and deposit minimum share capital of QAR 20,000.

  • Step 03 | Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)

Prepare articles of association for the company and obtain its approval from Ministry of Business and Trade. The Articles should conform to the standard form prepared by MBT.

  • Step 04 | Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)

Get a letter from the bank which proves that the legally required capital for the company is been deposited.

  • Step 05 | Provision for Further Documents

Prepare necessary documents and processing of the application for commercial registration of the company in MBT.

  • Step 06 | Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)

Get the approval for the articles of association prepared for the company.

  • Step 07 | Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)

Obtain necessary attestation of Articles of association from the ministry of Justice.

  • Step 08 | Commercial Registration

– Application signed by the General Manager for companies

– Copies of the identity cards of either the owners, partners or shareholders.

– A copy of the identity card of the General Manager (n/a in case of establishment).

  • Step 09 | Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the letter from the bank manager.

  • Step 10 | Company Seal

Obtain company stamp from any of the private companies.

  • Step 11 | Trade License

Apply for Trade Licence with Ministry of Business and Trade.

  • Step 12 | Signage License

Obtain signage license for the company from the Ministry of Business and Trade.

Visa Services Qatar | Translation Services | Embassy Services

embassy and visa servicesVisa services, translation services, embassy services, and emigration services are provided by number one legal service provider, Kenza Services in Qatar. Kenza provides visa issuance help for all types of visa including tourist visa, employment visa, family visa etc. Translation services are also provided especially for Arabic.

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