Assistance provided by Attestation Company Qatar

Source: Assistance provided by Attestation Company Qatar

Most of us are aware of attestation process. In day to day life, many of us attestation company qatarfeel difficulty in attestation process. Attestation company Qatar will help you to do attestation in a stress-free manner. We provide both educational as well as non-educational certificate attestation. You can depend on us for certificate attestation purposes. You may be aware how strenuous it is to make your documents authentic. Feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to provide you the best services. We will make your documents attested within a  short span of time.


Visa Services Qatar- Kenza Services

Kenza Services

visa services qatar

Kenza is the most trusted and reliable company in Qatar. On the off chance that you are working in Qatar and wish to convey your family to Qatar, you ought to pass through a long and stressful legal process provided by the Qatar government. Then you can carry your family to live with you in Qatar if you are earning over 10,000 QAR per month, hence your family is qualified for family visas. Kenza provides you very easy, simple and straightforward visa service. That is why Kenza is keeping their creditability of the best visa services Qatar.

Kenza forward many other services related to Qatar government. For more information, contact Kenza Services

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Kenza Service is for document clearing and Attestation. We provides all services related to Attestation, Authentication and Apostle. Legalization and translation of any documents in India, Qatar and many other countries will be serviced within a short period. With our Head Office in Qatar and offices in India. Our services are available to individual, corporate, and government organizations. We are offering everyone trustfull services to getting their documents processed by the highest standards and in a quick time. We are providing Certificate Attestation from different countries, Embassy Services,Legal Translation Services, Company Setup, Pro Services, Mofa Attestation, Company Formation, Visa Services, Qatar Embassy Attestation, Indian Emigration Services, Hukoomi Service, UPDA/MMUP Registration and PAN card. We will guide you through each step of certificate attestation.

Our Services

  • Visa Services

We have years of experience in this field. We can help in arranging Tourist visas, business visas, medical visas and family visit visas. We can help you with all your visa queries for India and Qatar.

  • Translation Services

We are providing legal and normal translation service and we have a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience. We provide expert translation for Arabic and vice versa.

  • Embassy Services

We provide different services from various embassies such as Attestation services, Passport services, Police clearances certificate, Affidavits.

  • Emigration Services

We provide a comprehensive services  for individuals and families for formalise their emigration.

  • Emigration Steps

We are doing all steps of registration formalities such as Online Demand letter and Power of attorney, Raise Demand, Job id Job code  and Company registration in Emigrate system.

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Translation Services | Embassy Services | Visa Services Qatar


Kenza Service  is the best translation agencies in Qatar. Kenza service provides their great deal on document clearing and attestation. Our mission is to provide certification attestation to customors in a high standard and timely manner. The attestation includes education, marriage, birth and other non- education certificates.


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Quick and Reliable Service For Company Formation In Qatar


The Qatari government’s economic development strategy has proven to be very successful and has helped Qatar become the wealthiest country in the world. The country’s investment incentives, banking services, infrastructure, political and social stability all contribute to creating an excellent environment for business. Kenza services assist you through each and every step involved in the process of Company formation in Qatar and guarantee confidentiality during each step.


Procedure For Company Formation In Qatar

  • Step 01 | Name Search

Get a unique name for your new business. The name should not be already registered in Ministry of Business and Trade(MBT). Get the approval for your company trade name within one day.

  • Step 02 | Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)

Bank account opening with a letter from Ministry of Business to the bank in Qatar and deposit minimum share capital of QAR 20,000.

  • Step 03 | Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)

Prepare articles of association for the company and obtain its approval from Ministry of Business and Trade. The Articles should conform to the standard form prepared by MBT.

  • Step 04 | Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)

Get a letter from the bank which proves that the legally required capital for the company is been deposited.

  • Step 05 | Provision for Further Documents

Prepare necessary documents and processing of the application for commercial registration of the company in MBT.

  • Step 06 | Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)

Get the approval for the articles of association prepared for the company.

  • Step 07 | Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)

Obtain necessary attestation of Articles of association from the ministry of Justice.

  • Step 08 | Commercial Registration

– Application signed by the General Manager for companies

– Copies of the identity cards of either the owners, partners or shareholders.

– A copy of the identity card of the General Manager (n/a in case of establishment).

  • Step 09 | Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry along with the letter from the bank manager.

  • Step 10 | Company Seal

Obtain company stamp from any of the private companies.

  • Step 11 | Trade License

Apply for Trade Licence with Ministry of Business and Trade.

  • Step 12 | Signage License

Obtain signage license for the company from the Ministry of Business and Trade.

Visa Services Qatar | Translation Services | Embassy Services

embassy and visa servicesVisa services, translation services, embassy services, and emigration services are provided by number one legal service provider, Kenza Services in Qatar. Kenza provides visa issuance help for all types of visa including tourist visa, employment visa, family visa etc. Translation services are also provided especially for Arabic.

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Company Formation & Company Setup Qatar | Kenza Services

kenza services qatarIf you want to set up a company in Qatar and need help from an experienced professional for the same, then, Kenza services in Qatar is the best choice. Kenza services will guide you through every legal formality and ensure quick results. Being a legal company in Qatar and having many experienced professionals, Kenza never fails to satisfy their customers.

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