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Kenza Services | Top Attestation Agency Qatar

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Kenza Services is the top and most reliable attestation agency in Qatar. Our company is embassy approved and we are providing assistance in the attestation process of certificates for different purposes. Embassy attestation is the process of verifying the authenticity of the documents or certificates. The verification is done by stamping a seal and signature of the attesting official of the concerned embassy. It certifies that the particular certificate or document is original and is valid. Attestation is mandatory for Qatar visa issuing process. The certificate attested in Kenza are highly valuable. The service you experience in Kenza is unique and you can’t experience it in any other attestation agencies. Your documents will be safe with us and we assure you that we handle it with special care. We try to complete the attestation process within one month time and you will get timely updates of the .top attestation agency qatar

Our Services Include

  • Attestation of Educational and Non Educational certificates. Educational certificates include degree certificates, diploma certificates, professional certificates, mark sheet attestation, bonafide letters etc. Non Educational Certificates include marriage certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, experience certificate, affidavits, power of attorney, commercial and legal documents.
  • We provide attestation forms of almost all countries.

So for easy, fast and reliable certificate attestation in Qatar, think of Kenza Services.

Kenza Services

Source: Kenza Services

Certificate Attestation Qatar

An attestation is a declaration by a witness that an instrument has been executed in his or her presence according to the formalities required by by law.it is not the same as an Acknowledgment, a statement by the maker of a document that verifies its authenticity.The act of attending the execution of a document and bearing witness to its authenticity, by signing one’s name to it to affirm that it is genuine. The certification by a custodian of records that a copy of an original document is a true copy that is demonstrated by his or her signature on a certificate.

certificate attestation qatar

Certificate Attestation is very important and compulsory when it comes to higher education and employment in abroad. Certificate Attestation in Qatar is needed in order to certify the genuine of all necessary certificates. These certificates can be both educational and non-educational.You should Attest all your important certificates in Qatar for their validity.

Procedure for Certificate Attestation In Qatar

As mentioned before,there is two types of certificates. educational and non-educational certificates.In the case of educational certificates the first step in attestation process is getting attestation process is getting attestation from the home department from the state level. then we should get attestation from MOFA. the next step is attestation from Qatar embassy and getting it legalized.Attestation of all educational certificates like degree certificates,provisional certificates,diploma certificates etc. can be done with ease if you have the reliable services of Kenza.

Certificate attestation Qatar

Now in the case of Non-educational certificates, it is not that complicated as educational certificates. The procedure is almost same as educational certificates Attestation.It starts with attestation from home department and then to attestation from MOFA. Next to we need to get it attested and legalized from Qatar embassy. All types of non-educational certificate which includes marriage certificate, death certificate, birth certificate,experience certificates etc can be attested quickly with help of Kenza services in Qatar.


Document Translation Services Doha | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Document Translation Services Doha

Our document translation services almost all areas like patent, income statements, contracts, prospectuses, handbook, technical manuals etc. we have a wide range of language knowledge and services in both public and private organisations.The use of documentations is increasing and its importance is also increased. document translation in Doha is necessary with the new law by MOFA.

We only use established language expert for our document transaction in various industries. We provide you with turnkey services by providing press- ready documents ready to publish. With documentation our society will not work properly. The services offered by kenza are:

Our Services

  • Government Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Entertainment Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Business& Financial translation
  • Health care Translation
  • Personal Translation
  • Interpretation

These are some of the services we provide to know more about our services click on to the link to visit our website.Document Translation Services Doha | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

Source: Company Formation Cost In Qatar- KenzaServices

company-formation-in-qatar-KenzaServicesThe government in the Qatar, Economic growing strategy has proven that to be very successful in the recent years and the Qatar government have pop-up and being one of the wealthy nation in the world. In Qatar, Investment incentives, banking services, infrastructure, political and social stability all are contribute to creating an foremost environment for the business. Qatar also well developed nation in per capita income and also in gas supply. People looking for commercial registration in Qatar should be aware of the structural options or categories of business in Qatar. Qatar is one of the ideally growing economies in the world.

Company Types IN Qatar

  1. Partnership Company
  2. Limited Partnership Company
  3. Particular Partnership Company
  4. Shareholding Company
  5. Limited Share Partnership Company
  6. Limited Liability Company
  7. Single Person Company
  8. Holding Company

Following Are Required Register A Company In Qatar (KenzaServices)

  1. Name Search
  2. Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)
  3. Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  4. Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)
  5. Provision for Further Documents
  6. Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)
  7. Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
  8. Commercial Registration
  9. Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  10. Company Seal
  11. Trade License
  12. Signage License

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Company Setup In Qatar – Kenza Services

Company Setup In Qatar

company setup in qatar

Qatar is quickly becoming a significant regional hub and a land wash with opportunities for businesses wanting to expand a business to Qatar.Kenza services is best service provider for companies setup in Qatar. Every year thousands of people migrate to Qatar to start a new business. When you choose Kenza services, they will guide you each step of company formation and company setup in Qatar.

Learn more about Kenza service please click below link.

Company Setup In Qatar – Kenza Services


Qatar Embassy Attestation


Qatar Embassy Attestation

Qatar Embassy Attestation

To apply for Qatar Embassy Attestation you  need to provide original certificate and passport copy to attestation24. Qatar Attestation procedures are incomplete without legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA) of the host country Qatar. Attestation24 offers complete package for Qatar document attestation of all types odf documents endorsements from Qatar Embassy.

To know more about Embassy Attestation please click the below link.

Qatar Embassy Attestation




Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation

Translation Service In Qatar

Translation service Translation service is more than a  paper, pen and word. We provide linguistic services in more than 70 languages (Translation, Copy writing, Editing and Proofreading) to all the sectors and individual clients worldwide. We provide language solutions all across the globe that help our clients meet their short-term and long-term goals as well as urgent objectives.

We devotedly focus on the translation of medical, legal, commercial, institutional, government, academic and personal documents into the language of your choice. Our experienced team, international quality certification and flexible prices make us stand apart of the crowd. As a result of our resources and unrivaled reliability, we have grown to be one the largest translation service providers in Qatar .

Translation Service Qatar | Mofa Attestation | Qatar Embassy Attestation